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We the management of OCEAN is committed to the principle of providing consistently good quality products and services in order to establish a strong relationship with the clients and to enhance the company reputation. Keeping this in mind, the company has adopted a quality system for quality assurance in construction activities.


OCEAN’s quality policy aims to achieve total customer satisfaction and expectations at an acceptable standard / level. Therefore, it is the company policy to provide all customers with a product and / or service that meet the contractual and applicable regulatory requirements of time and quality.


Develop and maintain close liaison and good working relationships with all our clients. Examine the current processes and services offered, to evaluate the value added to these processes/services and to identify the potential for new services. From this we will set in motion a plan for the company to provide new service sectors, encourage the technical development of company personnel and sunset those not adding value to the company.


Measure, through benchmarks, our performance. To analyze this performance and adjust our methods and procedures based upon this analysis, thus providing a statistical vehicle for the cyclic measurement of continual performance improvement

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